Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ready, Set, It's Summer!

With summer upon us, it's time to stop by The Learning Bug for some quick and fun learning activities to help your child retain their knowledge from school and get a head start for the coming year.

Here are four of our favorite summer learning products:
Our Flash Card Zone has everything you need for quick drills and introducing new concepts.  For more ways to use your flash cards see these previous blog posts- Flash Card Games Part 1, Flash Card Games Part 2, Flash Card Games Part 3.


Our That's Baloney! games are perfect for at home or on the go.  These cross-curricular games are packed with 500 grade-level questions.  
  • Players spin to see which category their challenge will come from:  Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies or Mystery Meat.
  • Players must read the statement in the corresponding category on their card and determine whether it is true or baloney (false)
  • Points are given for correct answers
  • Each game includes 200 4 1/4 diameter cards, spinner, and directions
  • An answer sheet with explanations of false answers is included 


Summer Bridge Activities books build confidence and self-esteem with activities that prepare students for the next grade.  Children complete two pages each day to retain knowledge from the previous grade and get a jump start on the coming grade. 


Our son will be entering fifth grade this coming year.  To give him a head start on learning his states and capitals we're using these awesome States & Capitals flash cards.  These cards are a great resource for learning about each state.

Come on by and let us help you find what will help your child succeed!

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